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Personal Mastery Takes the State of Michigan by Storm: Your Knights Lead the Way

This April at the Governor's Education and Talent Summit, Governor Snyder talked about the need for schools to embark upon "competency based learning," the same approach that we call Personal Mastery. This approach allows our students to advance after they’ve mastered content, unlike a traditional one-size fits all system where students advance based on their time in a certain grade level.

Your Knights at Kenowa Hills embraced the power of Personal Mastery long before it took our state by storm.  We are honored to be a part of leading this innovating and engaging way for our students to not only learn, but truly master what they are learning. Personal Mastery allows students to dive deeper into their thinking, collaborate, and retain experience and knowledge for the real world.

In early May, Kenowa Hills was a featured site visit at the 2017 Personalized Learning Conference. Known as PLCON, the Personalized Learning Conference is an event that spotlights the importance of personalized learning and helps educators begin their journey towards personalizing education for every student. Educators from across the state visited our buildings, heard from our staff members, and saw firsthand how Kenowa Hills is doing Personalized Learning.

Many of the exciting moments of PLCON were shared on Twitter, but there’s even more Personal Mastery excitement in the classrooms at Kenowa Hills!

PLCON photo collage

Personal Mastery In the classroom


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