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Success Virtual Learning Center

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The Kenowa Success Virtual Learning Center (Success VLC) is located at 3233 Alpine Avenue NW, Grand Rapids. This Success VLC location is a partner of Kenowa Hills Public Schools and is a non-traditional education program. Success VLC focused on students who have dropped out or are at risk for not completing high school as well as home school families in need of additional curriculum and college dual enrollment. VLC is more than just an online/virtual school. Students experience first-class facilities that they can visit as often as needed, gain access to one-on-one teaching assistance, and receive their own computers and Internet access. Students are able to learn at their own pace, while receiving all of the tools and support in a welcoming, unassuming, and inclusive learning environment.

Success Virtual Learning Centers partners with local school districts to build innovative virtual learning opportunities for local high school students. The mission of the program is to provide innovative educational opportunities that inspire hope and lifelong achievement. Success VLC is now offering summer school at all of their centers.  If you would like more information about Success Virtual Learning Centers, please contact Center Director Ryan Thelen at 616-303-1312. Find more information click here to access Success VLC's brochure or click here to visit their web site.

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More Information about the Kenowa Hills and Success Virtual Learning Center Partnership

The Success Virtual Learning Center on Alpine Avenue is a partnership between Berrien Springs Public Schools and Kenowa Hills Public Schools.  Berrien Springs/Success VLC have several partnerships and centers (approximately 15) throughout Michigan.  The motivation for forming this partnership centered on supporting high school students who have left our district and dropped out.  The Success VLC will also support our surrounding school districts with their dropouts.  Students attending Success VLC are responsible for their own transportation.

Why Berrien Springs & Success VLC?  Unlike most virtual schools, the Success VLC model provides tiered supports via their center model.  The center is staffed by Berrien Springs employees: highly qualified teachers, a center director to support and hold students accountable to high levels of learning and provide college/career guidance, as well as social work services.  All students are provided a laptop and MiFi card. This program follows the Michigan Merit Curriculum and students graduate with a diploma.  Students are allowed to Dual Enroll, but cannot participate in extracurricular activities.

All of the costs associated with launching the Success VLC center program are taken on by Berrien Springs and we believe this partnership will have a significant and positive impact on students' lives and future.