Kenowa Hills Online Learning



Creating Opportunities: Traditionally, a school year was based on a specific number of days and hours that students are required to be in the building. The Pathways program has proven that that a focus on demonstration of knowledge and proficiency is a better measure of outcomes than how many hours a student is in a building. We allow for scheduling flexibility and focus on student progress through the curriculum without the constraints of the traditional seat time requirements in exchange for more accountability for demonstrated learning.

Curriculum: Pathways students access and experience their curriculum in a blended setting, both on campus and outside of the “brick and mortar” school building and outside of traditional school hours. Certain graduation requirements, such as Physical Education, music programs, or other exploratory options, are still be provided onsite and will require the student to attend and participate. 

Students enrolled in the Pathways program continue to be exposed to curriculum and content presented by highly-qualified instructors and will be required to complete all of the high school graduation requirements for the State of Michigan as well as participate in the MME. Students must be enrolled in six or more courses and will be considered a full-time high school student. If they complete an online course early, they may enroll in another immediately. This also allows for the possibility of early graduation for motivated individuals. Compass Learning and Edgenuity are the primary online content providers of all of our courses. 

Diploma: Students who successfully complete the Pathways program receive the same high school diploma as any other graduate of Kenowa Hills High School and can participate in traditional graduation ceremonies and activities.

Staffing/Support: Participants will also be assigned a “Mentor Teacher”, staffed by Kenowa Hills High school who is physically present during the school day. Mentors are certified teachers and are also available via e-communication. Mentors will assist students as they progress through their courses successfully and assure that they are following the individual educational program that the students have designed for themselves.  All tests and assessments are administered in person by a teacher or test proctor.

Extra-Curricular: Those enrolled in the Pathways program are able to participate in all extracurricular activities and sports as long as all eligibility and attendance requirements are maintained.

Technology: It is highly recommended that you have access to a broadband ISP to access materials from home. We will have open computer lab access on-site anytime during traditional school hours.  Use of a district laptop will be available while the student is enrolled in the program.

Transportation:  Students are allowed to ride the bus to and from school under the traditional bus schedule.  If a student decides to come late or leave early, they will be responsible for their own transportation. 

Start Time: Students are able to start taking online courses at anytime throughout the school year.  However it is highly recommended that students complete the semester courses they are enrolled in and start at either the beginning of the semester of beginning of the next school year.