Kenowa Hills Middle School


Right to Privacy

Do you know who your kids are talking to? You should!

You are not violating by checking where your child goes on the internet and who they are talking to. It is a parent's responsibility to know these things. 

1. Make it known to your child that there is no privacy on the internet. Not for you, me or anyone! Web browsing is recorded by most internet providers and search providers. Information can be stored for years. You may not be aware of it until someday someone cares to know your internet habits. 

2. View your child's log using internet filtering software. Net Barrier is one program that is easy for parents to use. 

3. Talk to your children about their internet activity and talk to them often. 

4. Never locate a computer with internet access in a private place such as a bedroom. Internet connected computers should be positioned so that it is easy to view the screen from a distance. 

5. Always use internet filters to block or record where young people are going on the internet. Do not trust the history. That file can be altered!