Kenowa Hills High School


Instrumental Music

Those of us involved with the instrumental music program here at
Kenowa Hills have very strong feelings about what a positive effect
the program can have on a young person’s education, both formally and
informally. The emphasis is on life skills that the student will be
able to use when they have gone on into their post middle school/high
school lives, be it higher education, the work force, military, or
raising a family and running a household.  This is done by giving the
students an opportunity to work in a group setting to prepare for
contests, festivals, and other public performances and to strive to
attain a level of performance that is as close to perfection as
possible. It is also achieved by giving the students opportunities
such as group travel where the students are expected to conduct
themselves properly in various settings.

Some of the ideals that we work on are: working and getting along
together, good citizenship, group and self discipline, goal setting,
work ethics, responsibility to yourself and others, following
directions, group and self pride, attention to detail, group and self
expression, good communication skills, concentration, time management,
good social skills, regular practice/study habits and good

As you can see, being in a music organization involves much more than
knowing how to play an instrument properly.

Another emphasis of the program that is stressed is the value of
family. We like to get young people and their families involved and
then work together to form our “Musical Family.” We talk about working
together, watching out for and taking care of each other not only on
the field or in the concert hall, but also during school and in our
community.  Being involved with the music program can be a fun and
rewarding experience for the entire family.

Finally, one more goal of the program is to make students aware of the
careers that exist in the field of music. There is much more available
than just teaching or performing. There are opportunities in the
commercial end of music (retail, advertising, recording industry,
etc.), technical (instrument manufacture and repair),
electronics/computers, theory (writing, arranging), publishing
(business, copyist), managerial (musicians’ agent), research
(musicologist/historian), health (music therapy), just to name a few.
It should be obvious that a student can go in many different
directions in the field of music.

Please visit the Kenowa Hills Instrumental Booster web page to gather
more information about the program.

We are doing a fundraiser that is ongoing all year long.  Here it is: