Kenowa Hills High School


Knights' Lights Anti-Bulling Club

Knights' Lights Anti-Bullying Club

Vision Statement:  In an effort to promote a united front against bullying behavior, we will work together with our school and community to show compassion to those that are affected and strength to those that stand up for others.
  • Promote school pride and unity

  • Ensure physical and emotional safety in school

  • Empower students and staff in 'Taking a Stand'

  • Educate ourselves, the students and the staff on anti-bullying awareness

  • Unite and collaborate - students, staff and community 
  • Combat negative 'student to student' behavior with a positive campaign of kindness

Active Involvements:
  • Attend conferences and workshops on leadership and safe schools
  • Advertise and promote positive school culture
  • Present educational materials and videos to staff and students at Advisory to promote education and involvement
  • Anti-Bullying Awareness week in April
  • Participate in community service and volunteering
  • 3 Mile anti-bullying presentations presented monthly
  • Setting an example daily of compassion and strength
  • Advertising campaigns in school and over social media to spread the message of compassion.
Application for membership:
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Director: Jeff Poelstra (Guidance Counselor)