Kenowa Hills High School


Message from the Principal

Principal's Message

Dear Kenowa Hills Families,

The school year is flying by as always, we have been off to a tremendous start both in the classroom as well as with our extracurricular activities.  I continue to be so proud of our students and of our teaching staff on a number of levels.  Our theme with our students this year is growing student leaders.  I have seen countless examples of our kids going above and beyond to help visitors to our building as well as assisting their peers.  This was very evident during the first few weeks of school as our upperclassmen were working hard to welcome our new students, it was a great and inspiring thing to see.

Our staff has been working tirelessly as well to ensure that each of our students has the best opportunities for learning that they can possibly have.  We continue to push the envelope in regards to creativity with learning and allowing for students to find new ways to learn.  Our staff is committed to having our students master the content.  The ideas our staff bring to school each day are innovative and exciting.  When I talk to students they have a large variety of teachers that they ‘love’ having, that is such a wonderful and refreshing thing to hear.  

As we move into the year we always look at how we can improve, we also need to make sure we take time to celebrate all that our students have accomplished up to this point.  Each year has its own personality and life, I have shared with our students that this year has been invigorating to me as a direct result of their efforts and attitudes.

Thank you for sharing your children with us, thank you for trusting in us, and thank you for continuing to support the mission of Kenowa Hills Public Schools.  GO KNIGHTS!!


Brett Zuver
Kenowa Hills High School