Kenowa Hills Early Childhood Center


ECC Special Education

Who May Attend Early Childhood Special Education?

Children ages 3-5, whose families reside in Kenowa Hills and who have
been evaluated and found eligible under the Individuals with Disabilities
Education Act may be enrolled in the program. There is no need for a child
to be toilet trained before enrolling.

What Additional Services are Available Through the Program?

We offer the following related services:

A qualified and nurturing staff and a warm, stimulating environment are two major components of the program. We follow a curriculum that supports children's individual rates of development and utilize developmentally appropriate practices to enhance children's social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Family collaboration is also an integral part of the program. We believe that families are our active partners and they are always welcome in the school. A variety of parent activities are planned to increase the family's effectiveness in dealing with their special child.

What is the Cost?

There is NO cost to parents. The program is made possible through
local, State and Federal funding.

How Can I Find Out If My Child Qualifies? 

Call Robin at 647-0910 to explain your concerns and ask for an evaluation of your child's developmental levels.