Kenowa Hills Alpine Elementary


Student Recognition

Student Behavior and Recognition

Our elementary buildings are diligent with creating an environment built upon the components of a positive behavioral support system. Each teacher creates and enforces certain classroom rules intended to promote learning. Some basic guidelines are important to observe throughout the school. There may be circumstances whereby an exception to the rule may be exercised.

Our schools are committed to ensuring that we have safe and orderly environments in which teaching and learning can take place each day. A safe and supportive school depends upon the efforts of all members of the school community to treat one another with mutual respect. It is important that all members of the school community (students, staff and parents, guests) know and understand the standards of behavior which all students are expected to live up to and the consequence if these standards are not met. Our schools provide clear behavior expectations through our codes of conduct as well as through classroom procedures and expectations. Common expectations in all elementary buildings ensure consistency and equitable treatment for all students.

Our schools view behavioral incidents as a “teachable moment” as they provide students with an opportunity for growth and learning. Consequences are used in each building to address inappropriate behavior with the goal of teaching positive behavior. Our schools utilize progressive discipline to address reoccurring behavioral incidents through the use of incremental interventions. The goal of progressive discipline is to hold students accountable for their choices and behavioral change. In addition, the goal is to prevent the recurrence of negative behavior by helping students learn from their mistakes. It is essential to progressive discipline that students understand why the behavior is unacceptable, what they could have done differently, take responsibility for their actions and be given the opportunity to improve.

All behavioral incidents are treated on a case by case basis as there are a variety of important considerations. Some of these considerations include: age and maturity of students involved, special education needs (IEP, BIP, 504, etc.), prior disciplinary records, nature or severity of the behavior, circumstances/context in which the incident occurred, frequency, duration and intensity of the behavior, and number of persons involved.

Consequences may include (this is not an exhaustive list): preferential seating in the classroom, loss of classroom privileges, loss of recess, inability to attend school events or experiences (study trips, assemblies, etc.), removal from the classroom (“time out”), in school suspension, and out of school suspension. In addition, our schools will work with parents as a team to develop appropriate plans to address chronic or patterns of negative behavior. All disciplinary records/information is protected on FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). 


  • Students should present themselves in a manner that is non-distracting. This includes clothing, accessories and personal appearance/hygiene. Clothing that presents a disruptive influence will not be allowed. Hats may not be worn in the buildings public areas except on special days. The school has the authority to determine if a student’s dress is disruptive to the educational environment. The school may take steps such as providing alternative clothes for the student and/or calling home for parental support to provide alternate clothing.

  • Personal electronic devices, handheld games, or toys are NOT permitted in school UNLESS being utilized for instruction. Students violating this rule may lose their personal item/device for a teacher designated amount of time. The school will not be responsible for items brought in that are lost or broken.

  • Students are expected to maintain safe and orderly behavior in the hall, and in the bathrooms.

  • Students are to refrain from using inappropriate language.

  • Bullying, hitting, kicking, pushing or other aggressive acts will not be tolerated.

  • Students may not touch or tamper with adults’ or other students’ belongings in any way. Students will

    be held responsible for any damage done. Students may not be held responsible for damages done to

    items not permitted in school.

  • Students are not to buy or sell items from one another and are not to make any “deals” involving the

    exchange of goods or money while at school.

  • Gum chewing is allowed per teacher discretion. Students may lose this privilege if chewing gum

    becomes a problem.

  • Beverages in the classroom are limited to water except on special occasions. Carbonated drinks are not

    to be brought to school.

  • Healthy snacks are allowed in classrooms at individual teacher discretion. Please see your child’s

    teacher for healthy snack suggestions. Please be sensitive to student needs related to allergies. 

Alpine's Code of Conduct 

Alpine Elementary school’s vision is to nurture and inspire lifelong learners. At Alpine Elementary we encourage students to “be the BEST you”.

B = Be a leader

E = show Excellence

S = be Safe

T = be Trustworthy

Each teacher uses this code of conduct in their classroom to reinforce positive behavior and recognizes students for demonstrating each of the components. Students will receive recognition during the school the year for showing their “BEST”. Our staff looks forward to highlighting the growth our students will show and all of their successes. 

You can view the rubric for our code of conduct be clicking on the pdf document below.  This document clarifies what each behavior "looks like".  Our goal is to have students demonstrate behavior at a level 3 or 4.  


Recognizing Student Success

It is important to the staff at Alpine Elementary that students are recognzied for "Being the BEST You".  Teachers are responsible for recognizing students who demonstrate their BEST and nominating them for student of the day.  On a daily basis a student is chosen from all those nominated and are selected to be our "Student of the Day."  As student of the day, their name is announced on morning announcements and they are entered in a drawing to win a lunch at Applebee's with the principal at the end of the month.  In addition, teachers may also recognize students throughout the month for consistently demonstrating all components of BEST (being a leader, showing excellence, being safe and trustworthy).