Kenowa Hills Alpine Elementary


School Procedures

Elementary Student Handbook

We encourage all parents to review our elementary handbook to become familiar with a variety of district and school expectations and policies.  To view our elementary handbook, please click on the link below.  





Attendance Policy

As the school year is getting started, we would like to remind everyone of the importance of school attendance. When our students are missing a lot of school by being tardy or absent, they tend to fall behind academically and their test scores are lower than their peers who have regular attendance. This can lead to more severe problems in the future.

Our policy is the following:

  • No more than 5 excused absence days for the entire school year

  • No unexcused absences

  • No more than 5 tardies for the entire school year

  • No early pick up, unless your child has a doctor/dentist appointment.

  • Family vacations should be taken during school breaks only, and should not infringe on students’ learning time.

  • If only one of your children is sick or has an appointment, your other child(ren) should still attend school as usual.

Other Recommendations:

  • You should keep your child home from school if he/she has had a fever above 100 degrees, vomited two or more times, or experienced diarrhea within the past 24 hours

  • You should try to make doctor and dentist appointments after school, on half days, or during school breaks. If this is not possible, make the appointment first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon, so that your child can attend school the rest of the day. If your child has to miss school for an appointment, please inform the school office before the appointment, and bring a doctor’s note to the school when he/she returns to school.

To help support this policy, our school attendance team is assisting families with attendance concerns utilizing contacts from the principal, secretary, teachers, DHHS worker and KSSN Community School Coordinator. They may be able to provide resources to help get your child to school on time, so please reach out if there is a need. Our school is a community school and we would not be successful without your help. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and support.

School Closings

In case of an emergency school closing during the day (storm warnings, power outage, etc.) information will be broadcast over local media channels as well as School Messenger.  Please do not call the school office with questions regarding school closings.  Please be sure that your profile page is updated on School Messenger to have important information reach you quickly.

Recess Procedures

Students receive two recesses a day.  One is after they are done eating lunch and the other is at the discreation of the classroom teacher (typically held later in the afternoon).  Students should obey all adults on the playground, follow playground rules and use all equipment as directed.  Flags are posted in each hallway to notify students if recess will be held inside or outside and what areas of the playground will be used.  

Playground Flags

Green Flag - Play on wood chips, blacktop and grassy areas allowed.

Yellow Flag - Play on wood chips and blacktop area only allowed.

Red Flag - Indoor recess.

*Indoor recess is held if it is raining or temperatures are too cold.  

Library Book Check Out Procedures

Grades Kindergarten through 2nd may check out 2 books and grades 3rd through 5th may check out three books.  One book must be at the students reading level and the others can be student choice.  Students will not be able to check out new books until their old books are returned.  Students will be charged a replacement fee for any book lost.  

Hallway Procedures

Students should walk safely at all times, respect hallway displays, and keep hands and feet to themselves.  In addition, students should move through the hallways calmly and quietly.

Lunchroom Procedures

Students should remember to talk softly, use good table manners, and clean up after themselves and around their space.  Students need to stay seated until excused.  All food must be kept in the lunchroom and students are to go directly outside after being dismissed.

Edible Treats at School 

Alpine Elementary has a responsibility to help students establish and maintain lifelong, healthy eating habits. We also live in a society where allergies are more of a safety concern than ever. We can help promote a safe, positive learning environment by providing healthy celebrations that shift the focus from the food to the child. For these reasons, Alpine Elementary is requesting that families work to move away from sending in edible treats for birthdays or other celebrations. We believe this will help to encourage healthy, safe eating and celebrating. We are excited about all the new ways we will find together to celebrate special occasions. We know this adjustment will require a mental shift for some of us, so we have compiled a list of inexpensive ideas to generate thinking.

Item Ideas:

Glow Sticks
Trading cards
Silly putty
Sidewalk chalk
Matchbox cars
Post-it notes
Bouncy Balls
Book or Game Child Donates to Class

Places to Shop:

Items from the party favor section of Target or Meijer
Items for dollar stores
Online Novelty Shops:

Again, we would like to discourage families from sending in cakes, cookies, cupcakes or any other edible treats in to school for birthdays or other celebrations. You know your own child very well. If snacks are available in the building during a special event (ex. - holidays, field day, etc.), you can help him/her decide what is healthy and safe to eat. Please remember that any treat brought in to school must be a store bought item and ingredients need to be listed on the container. If the food item brought to school does not meet these requirements, it will not be distributed for consumption.

Please contact our office with any questions you may have at 616-784-0884. 

Homework Guidelines/Expectations   

  • Reading:  Students are expected to read 20 minutes a night for 3-4 nights per week.    
  • Math:  Math homework may be assigned by the classroom teacher to provide students with an opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed to be successful or to extend their learning.  This may vary based on individual student needs.  Some examples include practice worksheets, the use of flash cards, Xtramath (or other online resource), math games, etc. 
  • Projects:  Periodically throughout the year, teachers may assign students a special project to work on at home that aligns to grade level curriculum or standards.  A timeframe for completion will be clearly communicated.  This may include special classes.
  • Other:  There may be instances when a student is asked to complete work at home that wasn’t completed during the school day due to decisions a student made. 
  • Family Discussion:  It is recommended that families have conversation about the school day daily.  Providing students with an opportunity to share their favorite thing that happened in school, a new friend they made, or something they learned will help them have a positive experience. 

KH Grading and Assessment 

  • Kenowa Hills Public Schools has recently developed a grading and assessment handbook for parents.  This handbook was created to provide information, clarification, and guidance to all stakeholders in the Kenowa Hills School District with regard to assessing, scoring, and reporting practices.  Classroom teachers will have hard copies available if you would like one.  Attached below is an electronic copy. 


Other Information:

Study Trips

Classrooms take frequent study trips throughout the year.  These are most often taken at the beginning of a unit to help students develop background and see the real world application for what they are learning.  Parents are often needed to accompany classes on study trips but must have a background check done before going on a study trip.  Study trips have an educational purpose connected to the curriculum and although we want students to enjoy them, they are instructional rather than recreational.

Gym Shoes  

Students are asked to have a pair of clean, fitting tennis shoes for Physical Education class to be kept in the classroom throughout the year.  

Lost & Found

A lost and found table is located in the hallway by the media center and is available to be checked by students and parents.  Unclaimed items will be donated periodically to Goodwill.

School Store

Our school store is open daily from 8:40-9:00.  Classroom supplies and snacks are available for $.25 - $1.50.  Students need a pass from their classroom teacher before visiting.