Kenowa Hills Alpine Elementary


Kent School Services Network (KSSN)

Kent School Services Network at Alpine Elementary

Alpine Elementary is beginning their third year partnering with the Kent School Services Network (KSSN) for the 2016-2017 school year.  The main goal of KSSN is to bring health and human services into the school building to serve students and families. This idea is called a "community school." 



What is a community school?

community school is a place and a set of partnerships. KSSN community schools bring physical health, mental health, and social services directly into the school building through partnerships with state and local agencies. The KSSN staff, whose offices are all located at Alpine, include: 

Goals of KSSN:

Meet the KSSN Staff at Alpine Elementary!

Alpine’s KSSN Community School Coordinator, Rachel Tommy, can provide resources and assistance for students or their family members experiencing any of the following needs or situations:

Our KSSN Site Team Clinician, Jessica Rienstra, provides counseling for students in school and families in their homes. Some examples of situations in which family/students may benefit from counseling services are:

Our DHHS Success Coach, Sara McQuaig, may be able to assist families with the following:

All of the KSSN staff are housed directly at Alpine Elementary. Feel free to stop by their offices if you have a question or a need, or just to say hi!