Kenowa Hills Alpine Elementary



Special Education Services

Alpine Elementary provides a variety of services for students with disabilities.  Our philosophy centers around ensuring that special education services are individualized and tailored to address distinct needs of the student in the student’s least restrictive environment.  Decisions for how students are to receive special education services are made by an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) team and originates from a comprehensive evaluation.   The staff that delivers special education services are certified and trained to work with a wide range of students with specific disabilities.  Alpine Elementary offers the following special education programs and services:

Title 1 / 31A Services 

Alpine Elementary is committed to providing students with strategies and opportunities to become successful learners.  Teachers use a variety of resources and strategies to engage every learner.  Students experiencing challenges in the core content areas may work with intervention specialists.  Intervention is provided through small group instruction to strengthen academic skills.  Interventions are varied to meet the needs of individual students.  A partnership between students, parents, classroom teachers and intervention specialists is vital to student success. 

This intervention support is provided through Title 1 federal grant and 31A state grant funds.  The federally funded Title 1 program supplements classroom instruction. Although these funds are calculated using a state formula for the number of students from economically disadvantaged homes, the services are provided based on academic needs.  31A grant funds are also used to supplement classroom instruction through academic interventions.  

Retention Procedures

As soon as a teacher feels that retention may be recommended, a conference will be held with the parent(s)/guardian(s) to discuss grade placement options and the advantages or disadvantages for the student.  The final recommendation for retention will be made to the principal at least six weeks before the end of the school year.  Grade placement is based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic achievement as indicated by test scores and teacher’s observation. 
  2. Student’s age.
  3. Student’s size and physical development.
  4. Student’s social and emotional maturity.