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Preschool Registration

The Kenowa Hills Early Childhood Center (KHECC) is currently accepting preschool registration for our 3 and 4 year old programs. We offer several different program options at the KHECC providing the highest levels of early childhood experiences in a safe, nurturing, and fun environment.  Please stop in at the KHECC or call 616-647-0910 for more information. Registration forms are available online at

Alpine Elementary Points of Pride

Michigan 3rd Grade Reading Law

Homework Expectations  

Below are the expectations our school improvement team developed for teachers for assigning homework to students on a regular basis:  

Treats We Don't Have to Eat

Alpine Elementary has a responsibility to help students establish and maintain lifelong, healthy eating habits. We also live in a society where allergies are more of a safety concern than ever. We can help promote a safe, positive learning environment by providing healthy celebrations that shift the focus from the food to the child. For these reasons, Alpine Elementary is requesting that families work to move away from sending in edible treats for birthdays or other celebrations.  We believe this will help to encourage healthy, safe eating and celebrating.  We are excited about all the new ways we will find together to celebrate special occasions.  We know this adjustment will require a mental shift for some of us, so we have compiled a list of inexpensive ideas to generate thinking. 

Item Ideas: 

Places to Shop:

Again, we would like to discourage families from sending in cakes, cookies, cupcakes or any other edible treats in to school for birthdays or other celebrations.  You know your own child very well.  If snacks are available in the building during a special event (ex. - holidays, field day, etc.), you can help him/her decide what is healthy and safe to eat.  Please remember that any treat brought in to school must be a store bought item and ingredients need to be listed on the container.  If the food item brought to school does not meet these requirements, it will not be distributed for consumption.  Please contact our office with any questions you may have at 616-784-0884. 

Peanut-Free Recommended Snacks 

We do have certain classrooms each year that we request are peanut-free.  In order to support parents in ensuring a safe environment for all students we are providing a list of peanut-free snacs.  This is a list of recommended snacks that are free of tree nuts or cross contamination. The list below is not exhaustive and there are more options. Please note that it is important to read the label as manufacturers are required to list the eight major potential allergens in bold type in or after the ingredients list.

*All plain cheese is okay including string cheese

*Fresh fruit

*Raisins – plain only (not covered in anything else, like yogurt or chocolate)

*Nutrigrain Bars

*Ritz Crackers (Nabisco) -- Original, Whole Wheat, Honey Butter,  Roasted Vegetable flavors only 

*Ritz Muchables Pretzel Thins (Nabisco) – buttery flavor only

*Wheat Thins (Nabisco) – original flavor only

*Triscuits (Nabisco) – original flavor or reduced fat original flavor only

*Triscuits Thin Crisps (Nabisco) – original flavor only

*Teddy Grahams (Nabisco) – honey, cinnamon, chocolate chip, and chocolate flavors only

*Honey Maid Graham Crackers (Nabisco) – original, honey, or cinnamon flavors only

*Saltines (Nabisco) – plain or multigrain flavors only

*Premium Soup & Oyster Crackers (Nabisco) – original flavor only

*Keebler Original Club Crackers – original or multigrain flavors only

*Keebler Town House Crackers – original flavor only

*Keebler Grahams Bug Bites

*Keebler Scooby Doo Graham Cracker Sticks – cinnamon or honey flavors only

*Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies (Nabisco)

*Barnum’s Animals Crackers (Nabisco)

*Ginger Snaps (Nabisco)

*Rold Gold Pretzels (including thins, sticks, tiny twists) – plain flavor only

*Rold Gold Braided Twists – honey wheat flavor only

*Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks -- apple cinnamon flavor only

*Good Health Natural Foods Veggie Sticks / Veggie Chips

*Snapea Crisps (by Calbee Snack Salad) – plain flavor only

*Sun Chips – original flavor only

*Cheerios – plain and multigrain flavors only

*Frosted Mini Wheats (Kelloggs) – original flavor only

*Oreo Cookies – original kind only

*Stacy’s Pita Chips – plain or cinnamon sugar flavored only

*Goldfish crackers

*Nabisco Nilla Wafers

*Popcorn if not popped in peanut oil. -most microwave popcorn is fine

Birthday Treat suggestions- Rice Krispy Treats Plain-original only), Keebler Fudge Stripes, plain Hershey Bars, Rolos, Skittles, Starburst, Tootsie Roll Suckers, Ring Pops, and Ice Cream Sandwiches are some choices.