Kenowa Hills Public Schools



Strive for Less Than 5

Strive for Less Than 5 is a new initiative through the Kent County Intermediate School District. It’s our county-wide attendance campaign, aimed at increasing attendance in all our schools.

We have and will continue to put a big emphasis on good attendance for all students, every day. This includes coming to school and class on time, and staying all day so we can keep students learning and making progress. The Strive for Less Than 5 campaign means families should try to have no more than five absences – for any reason – for the entire school year.

It’s just like going to work. You have to show up every day! And it’s just as important at school. Reliable attendance is a key habit for success and we want every student to be successful.

You’ll see materials and more information about Strive for Less Than 5 during the year. We hope you’ll even see it out in the community since all the area school districts are joining in.

After all, more days in school = more learning = more success.