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When you’re picking out a school for your child, it can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many factors to consider – academics, convenience, safety, security – it’s important to find the best for your child. At Kenowa Hills understand your concern; that’s why we’ve worked tirelessly in all those areas to make Kenowa Hills your best choice.

KHHS Class of 2017From preschool to middle college, Kenowa Hills is with your child every step of the way. At the Kenowa Hills Early Childhood Center, two- to five-year old children can participate in a variety of programs focusing on safety, care, development, and kindergarten readiness. Middle college, a product of a partnership between Kenowa Hills and Davenport University, allows students to pursue Associate’s Degrees in business, medical assisting, or technology while still in high school, paid for by Kenowa Hills and providing you and your child substantial savings in the process.

We believe in the importance of preparing your child for college and their future career; that’s why we’ve launched our student-centered Knights STEM Academy, with a project-based learning approach focused on science, technology, engineering, and math. Students participating in this experience as part of their everyday school schedule will explore a partnership between curriculum standards and real-life projects that will prepare them for a future in STEM-related fields.



Are you and your child excited to dive in to Kenowa Hills’ academics before kindergarten? We provide a tuition-free Young 5s program known as K-Knights, which is meant to teach your child the skills they’ll need for that first year of school. In K-Knights, students experience a creative, engaging child-centered environment that will prepare them to find success in the years to come.  

And how about convenience? We recognize that you have a busy schedule, and we’re committed to keeping your child’s school experience as smooth as possible for both you and them. Kenowa Hills Public Schools provides three elementary buildings and a well-established transportation department to get your kids to and from school safely and on time.

If your child needs before or after-school care, we offer free transportation to and from those facilities. Should there be a half-day, you don’t have to worry about being unavailable; Kenowa Hills provides half-day enrichment opportunities for elementary students, so you can keep to your regular schedule and your child can enjoy their hours outside of class too!

These days, we understand safety and security are a huge issue for parents. We want to keep your child as safe as possible as well, and that’s why we’re glad to announce that we’re in the middle of a five-year renovation plan addressing, among other things, the safety and security of our students. We’re replacing our aging school buses, improving our pedestrian and vehicular traffic patterns, and adding secure building entries and additional security cameras throughout the district.

Kenowa Hills takes a strong anti-bullying stance. We put forth significant effort to assure all students not only belong, but feel like they have a place here. Our Knights’ Lights Anti-Bullying club works with the school and community to ensure physical and emotional safety in school and educate the students and staff alike on anti-bullying awareness. And our teachers all provide personalized attention to their students, assuring that your child will find their place and feel connected to our Kenowa Hills community.

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