Kenowa Hills Public Schools



Placement of EL Students

WIDA results will be used as one guideline for students to receive services, but determination of the extent and type of support each student will receive will determined by the EL teacher in consultation with the general education teacher and the parents.  In buildings where there is no EL teacher,  the EL paraprofessional and building principal will determine specific programming. 

Entering:  Students with no formal schooling or interrupted schooling, as well al those from pre-literate societies.  These students are unable to communicate at the most minimal level.

Beginning:  Students in the speech emergent stage.  These students can comprehend short conversations on simple topics.  They rely on familiar structures and utterances.  They comprehend simple passages but guess on more complex ones.  They can handle simple writing tasks, but make frequent errors.

ENTERING AND BEGINNING students will generally receive their Language Arts instruction from an EL teacher and receive in-class support in the content areas from an EL paraprofessional.

Developing:  Students who can understand standard English in most settings with repetitions and rewording.  They can comprehend factual, non-technical prose and read literature for pleasure.  They can write multi-paragraph compositions and show good control over most frequently used grammatical structures, but errors are still present.

DEVELOPING student services will be determined individually but will focus more attention on in-class support and minimal pull-out support.  Student success will be closely monitored and services will generally be decreased gradually.

Expanding:  Students who show adequate daily communication skills.  They have difficulty with idioms, figures of speech, and words with multiple meanings.  They can read independently, but may have difficulty with abstract and complex structures.   They can write for personal and academic purposes with some errors.

EXPANDING student academic progress will be monitored by our EL staff (EL director, data input specialist, EL teachers and paraprofessionals).  Students will not be exited from the program.  

Bridging or Reaching:  Students at this level can successfully participate in all English coursework without English language development support.

BRIDGING OR REACHING students will not receive services and will be considered for exiting.

Parent Notification

Parents will be informed by letter regarding their student’s WIDA scores and the programming to be provided within 10 days of receiving WIDA test