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Parent Involvement

The following have historically been components of parent involvement for English Learner parents:

Bilingual Family Nights:  Parent meetings are held approximately once a marking period with a focus on information about curriculum and ways parents can support their children at home. 

Conferences:  Translators are provided for Spanish speaking parents for the two regular conferences, fall and winter.  Efforts are make to locate and have translators for parents who speak other languages available.

Interpreters:  Interpreters are provided whenever classroom teachers need to talk with parents or to relay messages to parents about their student.  Interpreters are also provided for IEPC meetings.

Translated Documents: Various items are translated on a regular basis to ensure our EL families stay informed of school procedures, policies and events.  Some of the items translated include:  building handbooks, instructional materials to assist student learning, notes to parents about individual student issues/conferences, classroom and building newsletters.  

Staff Availability:  EL staff are available to assist parents as needed to answer questions, discuss student concerns or provide additional assistance.

Take- Home Learning:   Students are provided with books and handheld learning tools to use at home with their parents to increase their language, reading and math skills.

Parent/Teacher Organization (PTO) Involvement:  Parents are invited to participate as members of our district’s Parent/Teacher Organizations.  Once again, translators are available to assist as needed.

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC):  We provide our parents the opportunity to participate on the state-wide PAC by covering costs related to travel and conference fees to attend the state PAC meeting held each year.  In addition, we review our ELL program components and seek feedback through our parent meetings held throughout the year.  Each EL parent has the opportunity to be part of our district PAC.