Kenowa Hills Public Schools


Exiting Students

Exiting EL (English Learner) Students

A student will be exited when the student has achieved sufficient proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking to participate successfully in the regular education program without support.

Indicators for exiting a student are:

  1. Scoring above a 5.0 on the WIDA assessment (Bridging). 
  2. Achieving at minimum district expectations in content area standards while in the general education classroom with minimal or no support from EL staff.
  3. Sufficient growth on the district’s universal screening tool (MAP assessment) has been achieved.
  4. Consistent proficiency is evident on the MEAP (state assessment).  

Exited students will be put on a FLEP (Formerly Limited English Proficiency) list with the reason for exiting and move to monitoring status. 

Monitoring Exited Students

Students will be monitored for two years after exiting the program.  This will happen in a variety of ways including: 

If during this monitoring period the student is not succeeding in the general classroom, the general classroom teacher and the EL teacher should meet to determine if additional support or further assessment  of the student is warranted.

Particular attention should be paid to students moving to  a new building within the district where an exited student may not be known to the EL staff.