Kenowa Hills Public Schools


Standardized Testing

 State Required Testing 2018-19

Grade Levels and Subjects Tested:

Grade 3, 4, 6, 7 - M-STEP English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics

Grade 5 - M-STEP English Language Arts (ELA), Mathematics, Social Studies and Pilot Science Test

Grade 8 - PSAT 8/9 Test, M-STEP Social Studies and Pilot Science Test

M-Step-Logo_473059_7.jpg For information about the M-STEP test, please click this link for the Parents' Guide to M-STEP and read the letter from the state. M-STEP Parent Letter

Grade 9 - PSAT

Grade 10 - PSAT

Grade 11SAT, ACT WorkKeys, M-STEP Social Studies and Pilot Science Test


Testing Schedule

 testing1.png testing2.png



For more information about the SAT visit the College Board Site

KHAN_.png FREE ONLINE PRACTICE TESTS FOR SAT can be found at the KHAN Academy Site where you can create and account, take the practice test and get specific examples sent to you to help you with your weaker areas.


ACT_workkeys.png Information about the ACT WorkKeys Test can be found here at the ACT WorkKeys Site


WidaLogoAccess_Transparent.png Our English Language Learners will take the WIDA Test. For more information visit this WiDA Site